At Day Three Bath & Body, we believe that what you put on your body, is just as important as what you put in it! We pride ourselves in creating fresh, natural, handmade products formulated from quality ingredients that include plants, flowers and essential botanicals.  Many of our products are vegan and organic, created with simple, wholesome ingredients that help to benefit the health, healing and natural skin care maintenance. We carefully select our ingredients for the optimum purpose of promoting healthy skin and for multi purpose use, for the entire family.  Below is a list of our most used ingredients: 


SHEA BUTTER:  An actual fat extracted from the nuts of the African shea tree, Shea Butter is abundant in Vitamins A, E and F, all of which are highly beneficial.  Vitamins A and E are helpful in preventing premature wrinkles and facial lines, as well as adding long lasting moisture and hydration to the skin.  Both vitamins are also great at treating dry, parched and  sun damaged skin, whilst Vitamin F acts as a protector and rejuvenator

FRESH GOAT MILK: Always the freshest milk, never powdered. Goat Milk delays the signs of skin aging due to its high content of alpha-hydroxy acides such as lactic acid. Alpha-hydroxy acides break down dead skin cells, to remove them from the skin's surface, leaving behing new cells that appear youthful, radiant and smoother. With its anti-flammatory properties, Goat Milk is widely used to treat symptoms associated with eczema, acne, skin irritations, as well as dry, itchy and sensitive skin.  Goat Milk is packed full of essential nutrients and vitamins D, C, b1, B6, B12, and E...all of which feed the skin and are easily absorbed into the body.  

COCONUT OIL: Filled with Vitamins A, C and E and plenty of antioxidants, Coconut Oil works all of its nutrients together to repair damaged skin and to heal and protect skin cells at every layer.  It's easily absorbed by the skin and contain amazing deep hydrating and moisturizing properties.

OLIVE OIL:  An extremely moisturizing oil, Olive Oil is packed with powerful nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and natural compounds. With antioxidants such as vitamins A and E, polyphenols and hydroxytyrosol help promote radiant and well-nourished skin, with natural radiance and healthy appearance.  

ALOE VERA:  Often described as a wonder-plant, Aloe Vera produces a clear gel that has antibacterial properties. The gel has the ability to naturally soothe, rejuvenate and heal irritated, bruised and wounded skin. 

ESSENTIAL OILS: Natural compounds found in the flowers, fruit, plants, bark, stems and roots, essentials are renowned for both their therapeutic and aromatic qualities.  

SWEET ALMOND OIL: A superb emollient, Sweet Almond oil nourishes and softens the skin. This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, D and E. Sweet Almond Oil does not clog pores, yet it has excellent penetrating qualities.

VITAMIN E: Through its antioxidant properties, vitamin E can help fight the signs of aging, protect from sun damage, and even potentially lower skin cancer risks.

SUNFLOWER OIL: High in Oleic acids, Vitamins A, B, D, and E, along with minerals, lecithin and essential fatty acids, Sunflower oil is an amazing skin care ingredient. It is light, non-greasy and is easily absorbed into skin.  It also deeply nourishes and conditions the skin.

PALM OIL: Produced from the fruit of the palm, Palm oil is the largest source of a natural form of Vitamin E known as tocotrienol. Vitamin E. It is a wonderful nutrient for skin cells and is known for its restorative and  protective properties.

KAOLIN CLAY: A natural, mineral clay, Kaolin Clay helps to detoxify and purify the skin, while continuing to nourish it.  Filled with oil-absorbing properties, this clay helps to draw out impurities from the skin without stripping the skin of its natural moisture.

COCOA BUTTER: Cocoa butter has been used to achieve soft and supple skin for centuries. This ultimate moisturizer is mineral rich and filled with natural antioxidants and vitamins, promoting skin elasticity and locking in moisture

LAVENDER: The use of Lavender in skin care formulations can be traced back thousands of years. This aromatic shrub has both antiseptic and anti-fungal abilities.

BOTANICALS: The use of natural botanicals and herbs offer healing and medicinal benefits that date back to Biblical times.  We work hard to use the highest quality of botanicals in our formulations and never tamper with adding empty fillers to the mix. 

LEMONGRASS: Lemongrass is not only a fragrant, tropical species of grass found mostly in India and Sri Lanka, but the herb has both anti-microbial and anti-bacterial capabilities.  Known to aid in repelling mosquitoes and other flying pests, we love lemongrass for it's many, medicinal benefits. 

RAW SUGARS: Sugar is a rich source of alpha-hydroxy acid, an ingredient  with exceptional exfoliating and emollients properties

ORGANIC HONEY: Another natural humectant (that locks in moisture), honey is a natural preservative that boasts a number of skin soothing benefits, from aiding in skin inflammation to soothing itchy, skin and more.  

PRAYER:  We not only believe in the power of prayer, but we utilize it's benefits every day and in every product.  As you use our natural products, we want you to know that each container, each label and each item was prayed over...just for you and we continue to pray for you, long after your items are used.