Seaweed & Mint - Exfolitating Scrub Bar


Seaweed & Mint - Exfolitating Scrub Bar


Ever had one of those fancy spa treatments when everything and everyone smelled HEALTHY? Clean, fresh, thin and well...HEALTHY!  You know, nothing sugary or flowery or even fruity.  It's like all the technicians and specialist are in the best moods ever...all the time!  We think it's the SPA smell that keeps them VIBRANT and HAPPY and HEALTHY!  Our Seaweed & Mint Scrub Bar reminds us of our favorite Spa treatments, even if we're still working on the "eating healthy" part...our skin feels amazing!

This exfoliating scrub bar is made with sea salt and shea butter, along with other botanicals and exfoliants to deep cleanse, detoxify, gently exfoliate and soothe tired, dull and flaky skin.

  • Green Algae
  • Peppermint
  • Ground Oats
  • Sea Salt
  • Spa Day aroma
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