Botanical Shower Steamers

Botanical Shower Steamers


Shower Steamers are an amazing way to create a therapeutic and aromatic treatment while showering. 

Simply place the steamer on the floor of your shower (preferably the corner or an area where water can splash on it).  As you shower, the shower steamer will dissolve and allow the essential oils will treat you with the aromatherapy benefits, it was created to.  

Need to relax after a stressful or tiring day? Try the Lavender Spa blend

Having issues breathing freely due to a cold, flu or allergies? The Allergy Sinus blend is for you...

Need a refreshing wake up call? Need help focusing on a big project today? Try our Creativity Blend 

Grab one or all 3, but these are STRONG little babies, use an entire one or break it up for multiple uses. 

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