the day three story

The real story actually began over 2000 years ago in the Garden of Eden.  Biblical history points to the third day of creation, as the day when God created botanicals, flowers and seed bearing plants.  Our name is inspired by that amazing time, when God put all that we would need for health, wholeness and healing, into the earth.  Of course, the idea of formulating all natural skin care products and using fresh ingredients for even the most sensitive skin, was formed a long time after. Actually, after a few failed attempts at the business idea (the 1st brand was called Garden of Eden),  Joy (co-founder) decided to give up the thought of creating natural products. It wasn't until years later, when after a very, serious health scare, Billy (Joy's husband and co-founder), convinced Joy to not only re-think the business idea, but share it with others.  After a time of prayer, years of research and experimenting, Billy and Joy were able to create natural products that were pure and effective.  The creation of DAY THREE BATH & BODY brings together the couple's love for creativity, God's ingredients and healthy skin care.  Billy and Joy believe in the power of prayer (you'll see it added as an ingredient to every product) and they seek to provide products that nurture and protect the mind, body and soul.  

All DAY THREE BATH & BODY products are made with care, high-quality ingredients and are cruelty-free. A large portion of the products are also 100% vegan.  Although the products are made in small-batches, the formulations are universal and shipped worldwide, with prayer!