Skin Glowing Goodness



Winter can be amazing! There's cooler temperatures, warm, fuzzy clothes, celebrations galore, great food, hot chocolate, and so many festive foods to try.  And did I mention, there's the shopping?  And then, in a matter of weeks...the thrill is gone! We come to realize that winter has wreaked havoc on our budgets, our waistlines and even our skin! We begin to shed the fuzzy socks and stretch into our yoga pants (if you're lucky), and head to the gym.  We resolve to do better and pray that the cycle doesn't continue.  Maybe that's just me, but you get the point!  Times change and so does our skin.  As the seasons transition, so should our routine to take care of our largest organ.  I'm always amazed, with the work that I do, at how many times I am in awe of the ingredients that God put in the earth for our good.  No matter how much research I do, how many times I use something He's made, I can't help but become overwhelmed that God's goodness radiates through everything He created.  From Lavender, to Honey, Chamomile to Coconut many ingredients with so many uses. And He made them all for US...for OUR healing, OUR health,  all for our GOOD! What love! And it doesn't just stop at the creation of His natural creations, the numerous uses of even one ingredient, can sometimes overwhelm you! What a loving Creator and Father we have in God! 

So as we emerge from our hats and gloves, from our boots and wool socks, lets prepare ourselves to now enjoy the bounty of God's great ingredients that He created for us! As He so lovingly radiated all things good in everything He made, let's use some of that for our own skin, bodies and soul.  

This month's DIY is for SKIN GLOWING GOODNESS! It's an easy to make, easy to use treatment that will signal new life to your skin.  It will help even you RADIATE to those around you and to show off the beauty within.  Even if you've still got the "winter blues", in no time, you'll hear the birds chirping and the buds of flowers arising from their winter's rest! The earth will begin to sing again, with the rain, the sun, the smell of field flowers and the soon approaching warmth of summer.  Until then, you can create something in your very own kitchen, that can help you glow and get ready to shine your own light within.  

Be the natural beauty, God created you to be! Just as He clothed the flowers in the field with beauty and purpose, He did even more for you! Enjoy the you take care of your sacred vessel.

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